Electricity and Automation Engineer Nestle USA Jobs

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Electricity and Automation Engineer Nestle USA Jobs – We invite you to apply and play the role of all aspects related to Electricity, Automation, Process Control, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and the Factory Automation System (FAS) infrastructure, applications, and resources according to Nestle corporate strategies, standards, specifications, and local codes and regulations.

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Electricity and Automation Engineer Nestle USA Jobs

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Posted DateMay 29, 2023
Job LocationNestle, USA
Employment TypePermanent
Close DateOpen

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide optimum electrical and process control equipment facilities to meet the established objectives of the business.
  • Ensure reliability of electrical & process control hardware and software operation
  • Optimize electrical/process control maintenance & operation costs
  • Optimize electrical/process control hardware & software to maintain the plant at a high level of efficiency, safety, quality, etc.
  • Maintain liaisons with other departments, disciplines, and facilities to provide necessary support and expertise for the execution of capital investment projects and market and global initiatives.
  • Work closely with the Group Engineering E&A team during the planning and execution of projects, initiatives, and compliance requirements.
  • Comply with all safety and environmental regulations (Internal & External) and applicable Nestle standards.
  • Conduct preventive maintenance on power distribution and automation equipment.
  • Ensure power quality.
  • Keep electrical power distribution and automation drawings and documentation updated.
  • Manage the instrument calibration program for regulatory and quality compliance.
  • Perform troubleshooting in case of problems and ensure the PLC or HMI applications are properly managed.
  • Modify automation applications when operational changes are performed on the production lines.
  • Manage industrial applications and hardware in the automation layer.
  • Automation equipment change management policy/procedures.
  • Maintain the reliability and performance of the FAS IT infrastructure and peer-to-peer networks
  • In line with NCE, active participation in DOR/WOR/MOR, GSTD, and DMAIC activities.
  • Meet compliance with all Nestle and local regulatory standards and requirements.
  • Manage Electricity and Automation equipment standardization for the plant.
  • Build internal capabilities within the E&A team.
  • Manage all technical aspects of the plant’s electrical power distribution from the utility company service entrance down through switchboards, transformers, distribution panels, etc. to all individual loads.
  • Knowledge of the plant electrical system from the utility company lines to transformers, switchboards, distribution panels, MCC, motors, lighting fixtures, etc.
  • Maintain accuracy and content of the electrical system key documentation (Line diagrams, MCC data sheets, electrical room layouts, grounding system, lighting plans, electrical equipment location plan, etc.)
  • Understanding of the existing electrical system loading profile, utility charges, power quality, grounding, protection, maintenance needs, safety, reliability, and remaining useful life of the plant power system equipment.
  • Understanding of the plant electrical criteria, standards, and Nestle USA guidelines.
  • Execute electrical and automation activities (modernization, design modifications, coordination, installation, start-up, and training) in the factory in support of capital investment and maintenance.
  • Manage lifecycle planning of the electrical equipment.
  • Guardian of the factory’s process control system.
  • Understanding of the existing process control infrastructure, configuration, requirements, networks, level of automation, etc.
  • Maintain accuracy and content of the control system key documentation (Configuration diagrams, P&IDs, Process descriptions, etc.)
  • Understanding of the plant controls & IT criteria, standards, and Nestle guidelines.
  • Execute controls/instrumentation and IT activities in the factory (PLC & HMI design, training, programming, etc.) in support of capital investment and maintenance.
  • Manage the Factory Automation Systems (FAS) standards and serve as the FAS administrator for the factory.
  • Analyze plant Processes, design and implement solutions in accordance with Nestle guidelines.
  • Manage the lifecycle planning for automation equipment.
  • Define requirements for MES based on plant needs.
  • Define and implement technical training for MES systems.
  • Life Cycle Management of MES, EMS & FFMW.
  • Support the existing and future expansion activities related to MES, FAS, and FFMW to ensure proper design, installation, support, and compliance.
  • Participate in the electricity and automation engineering efforts to ensure that the design, drawings, and specifications meet process requirements, are cost-effective, and are in accordance with good engineering practices and Nestle guidelines for all capital projects in the factory.
  • Participate and validate the design of the power distribution system, motor control centers, control panels, human-machine interface (HMI), instrumentation, system integration, FAS architecture, and commissioning and start-up.
  • Contribute to establishing/writing the URS (user requirement specifications) and FDS (functional design specifications) for all projects.
  • Participate in the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and validate electricity and automation requirements.
  • Participate in Commissioning, Qualification, and Validation (CQV).
  • Contribute to the project closeout, including Project Defect Analysis (PDA).
  • Supervise the Project’s Electrical Construction and provide revised and additional drawings as requested by the Construction Superintendent and the Project Engineer.
  • Supervise the project’s electrical and control commissioning team.
  • Project administration for the E&A function.
  • Participate in the preparation of the electrical and control project budget preparation including Engineering & Design efforts.
  • Perform integration efforts in support of projects such as electrical design and programming
  • Participate in the preparation of the electrical and control project schedule.
  • As requested by the Electrical & Automation Engineering Manager and/or the Project Engineer review Invoices and Applications for Payment to ensure that they are in order and properly executed.
  • Prepare timely progress reports, including revised schedules, engineering charges, budgets, etc., and distribute them to other members of the project team as needed.
  • Maintain liaisons with other departments, disciplines, and facilities to provide necessary support and expertise as necessary.
  • Provide technical support to maintenance, production, safety, quality, etc.
  • Work closely with Group Engineering in the implementation of key initiatives like Factory Automation Systems (FAS), Factory Floor Middleware (FFMW), GLOBE-IT Compliance, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) modules, compliance with Nestec guidelines and recommendations, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of electricity, in low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage installations.
  • Good knowledge of local electrical codes and standards
  • Good knowledge of Instrumentation and Process Control Systems.
  • In-depth knowledge of HMIs, PLCs,
  • Knowledge of food processing operations and technology.
  • Knowledge of MES (Manufacturing Execution System).
  • Knowledge of manufacturing IT, industrial networks, and applications.
  • Good knowledge of electrical safety.
  • Knowledge of food safety, regulatory requirements for food safety, hygienic engineering, and Nestlé Quality System.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Strong conflict resolution skills.
  • Strong managerial, leadership, and technical skills.
  • Ability to think conceptually and deal with ambiguity with a strong innovation mindset.
  • Proactive problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to think objectively through various options and scenarios.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changes.
  • Project Engineering/Management.
  • AM and/or EM Pillar experience.
  • Hygienic engineering.
  • Knowledge of food safety, regulatory requirements for food safety, and equipment.
  • Communication and Networking.
  • CAPEX budgeting and preparation.
  • Capital Investment Approval & Tracking (CIAT) tool.
  • MS Office/MS Project.

Job Qualification:

Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or equivalent, preferably electrical engineering.

Job Experience:

Minimum 3 years experience in the field of electricity in a manufacturing facility.

How to Apply For Electricity and Automation Engineer Nestle USA Jobs:

If you meet these qualifications and are passionate and energetic about Electricity and Automation engineering, we encourage you to apply for the position of Electricity and Automation Engineer at Nestle USA. Visit apply now button below to apply.

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